Annah Rais longhouse is located in Padawan District, approximately 60 km away from Kuching city, Sarawak, Malaysia. Kuching is the capital of Sarawak.

The closest city to begin your journey to Annah Rais longhouse is Kuching, which will take approximately 1 a half-hour drive. Although the transfer duration is pretty long, you will be amazed by the scenic countryside view, beautiful mountain range, limestone hill, paddy field, palm oil plantation estate & etc.

The homestay is in Annah Rais Longhouse itself. We have two bedrooms in a single house just in front of the longhouse (3 bedrooms still under construction) and another 2 big open rooms in the longhouse. Our homestay program organizes for you many guided tours and activities. This will always keep you occupied and enjoyable. These include jungle trekking, hot spring bath, soaking in the waterfall, swimming in deep crystal clear river water, visiting gardens and farms, the demo of cooking in bamboo, fishing, village tour, and traditional cultural dances.

Transfer from Kuching to Annah Rais Longhouse
Feel free to contact the homestay operator, Mdm. Macheree/Mr. Ringin (mobile No. 0168566128 / 0198175229) at least 1 or 2 days in advance to arrange for your transportation.

The important thing to take note!
1. Arrival time at the longhouse – Please arrive at the longhouse before/by 9:30 am because the activities will start from 10 am onwards and all guests & guides will leave the longhouse for jungle activities at around 10 am! So you are advised to start leaving Kuching latest by 8 am in the morning!

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