Day One

Arrive at Annah Rais Longhouse – Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your host in the longhouse, with the local-brewed rice wine (known as “Tuak”) as a welcome drink. A short briefing session about Annah Rais longhouse & its history will be conducted when you are sipping our local rice wine.

Semengoh Wildlife Center – Get yourself and your stuff ready before leaving for Semengoh Wildlife Center. Stop at this wildlife center to see Orang Utan during their feeding time. Take your time to walk around the park to see other animals kept there. Sometimes you may find that the Orang Utan is not coming out during feeding time. Well… don’t be sad just yet as you may try it again on your way to being transferred back to Kuching. Please note that any charges thereafter shall be borne by guests.

Check In – Check in to your guestroom in the longhouse, change to your light clothing & get ready for the jungle activities. Please be prepared to get wet in the jungle, as you will be passing through some clear & cool water streams.

Jungle Trekking – Start off with trekking on another trail in the tropical rainforest before reaching the small stream for the bamboo rafting. Along the trail, the local guide will make every effort to explain the strange things you see in the jungle, you will start to understand the surrounding jungle & how they use the natural jungle resources to complement their daily needs.

Reaching the small stream for Bamboo Rafting – Soon after, you will reach a small stream with sometimes crystal clear running water, where located right in the middle of the tropical rainforest. You would like to soak yourself in the water to cool off the body first if the water level is not that fast & deep with a strong current on that day.

Building bamboo raft – Dried bamboo is always ready. Your guide will start building the raft after a short rest & you are most welcome to learn & help in building the bamboo raft for the day. A raft can accommodate two guests plus one of our guides only.

Bamboo Rafting – as soon as the raft is ready, let the guide know when you are ready for the fun & exciting Bamboo Rafting trip. You will raft along the running water stream through the tropical rainforest. The experienced guide will lead you the way, you just have to enjoy the experience & appreciate the beauties of the tropical rainforest. There’s no special skill required by you, except sitting on the raft. If you are adventurous enough, you may try to stand on the raft to feel the adrenaline rush, instead of sitting, but do it at your own risk though! You are warned that underneath the water are rocks & if the water is not deep enough, you may hit the rock when fallen off the raft!

Bamboo Fish Picnic Luncheon – Reaching at a nice sandy dry riverbank, you will stop and your guide will start preparing the picnic lunch. This time, you will get a chance to try a local signature dish, chicken cooked in bamboo, which is cooked right on the spot with fresh bamboo. Enjoy your bamboo chicken lunch, along with some other dishes & wrapped rice. After lunch, you can just sit quietly on the raft with your legs in the water, small fishes will come to your legs and gives a tiny bite which we called fish therapy. You may also swim in the stream to cool down yourself.

Continue Rafting – once you are ready, continue your bamboo rafting journey until you reach the end of the rafting trip.

Back to the Longhouse – Coming to the end of the rafting trip, you will get up from another point of the jungle trail. Your guide will then lead your way back to the longhouse through another short trekking. Take a freshwater shower, clean up yourself & get ready for the dinner. You can take this spare time before your dinner to ask any of the village folks (usually the old woman or man) to weave a bracelet made from rattan to your wrist as a souvenir. Please seek assistance from your host for this purpose.

Dinner Time – Dinner will be served soon later, & you will get to try other different kinds of sumptuous dishes. We never repeat the same foods, so you get a chance to try different longhouse delicacies. Eat as much as possible, we will have more than enough for you & we promise to feed you well during your stay with us.

Traditional Musical Instruments Jamming Session & Cultural Dance – Soon after dinner, the local musician will start showing you with all their traditional musical instruments & teaching you the basic technique of playing them. This is the very practical session, whereby you will involve in making a traditional music while others are dancing. You will also be thought on performing the traditional cultural dance with the full traditional costume on if you wish. Some of the villagers, especially the kids here will sometimes come & join in for the fun & crazy moment. Remember to ask for some local rice wine “Tuak” & have fun all night long till you drop!

Day Two

Transfer back to Kuching

Breakfast – Breakfast to be served from 8am in the morning. We will prepare our local breakfast to go with our local-style coffee or tea. Taste some local fruits with your breakfast! We will prepare the local breakfast more than you can take it, so eat as much as possible before leaving for another exciting trip. We wish you can stay any longer with us, & also hope that you will come back again. We hope to see you again or perhaps you may want to introduce us to your friends.

Transfer Back to Kuching – You will be transferred back to Kuching at 10:00 am. You will arrive at Kuching, airport, or hotel before 12pm. We hope to see you again soon!



Minimum 2 adult to go per trip.

Half price for children below 11 years old.

Rm100 surcharge for guests traveling alone or with one child

10% discount for students and to go min 3 people.

Free one bottle of tuak for every 3 guests.

Package Include:

Transport, Visiting Semengoh Wildlife CenterLonghouse, Longhouse entrance fees, meals & beverages, guided tours & activities, traditional show, loan of traditional costumes and jungle tools, laundry and tuak tasting.

*Tuak- local wine

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